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Exotic Pets for You

Be Different From the Rest

If you have a taste for the unusual and want to be different from others, an exotic pet is perfect for you. Petland Albuquerque, LLC in Albuquerque, NM has a large selection of fascinating animals that can keep you intrigued and impressed. We can also recommend and provide the right food and supplies to get for them.

We are currently compiling information regarding the types of exotic pets we have in our pet store. Please visit this page again soon. In the meantime, browse through the other pages in our website to learn more about other animals we have that make wonderful pets.

Learn How to Handle Exotic Pets

Having small animals, especially exotic ones, can be difficult if you are not very familiar with the proper way of handling them. We are here to help you become more knowledgeable about them. Call us at 505-821-7387 to learn more about the common and exotic pets we have at our shop and how to care for them. From birds to freshwater fishes, we can assist you in tending to small pets.
Exotic Pets