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Energetic Ferrets

Create a Bond With Intelligent Animals

Bond with active and intelligent animal like ferrets. Get one at Petland Albuquerque, LLC in Albuquerque, NM. We are certain you will be amuses and delighted by these furry, little pets. They have a lot of energy to spare so you have to make sure you pay careful attention to them. Purchase the basic supplies you need at our store. We give excellent deals!
We are currently compiling information regarding the types of ferrets we have in our pet store. Please visit this page again soon. In the meantime, browse through the other pages in our website to learn more about other animals we have that make wonderful pets.

Teach Your Ferret New Tricks

Ferrets love treats so make sure you reward them for exemplary behaviour. With this in mind, you can teach them tricks like sitting up and rolling over. Adopt one now and watch them grow under your supervision. Call us at 505-821-7387 to learn more about the pets we offer for adoption. From guinea pigs and hamsters to reptiles and exotic animals, we have a lot of other animals you will surely love.